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Our lives have become busier, more complex and competitive than ever. Our kids now require extra tutoring and late nights of training to succeed - leaving parents to somehow become full-time chauffeurs, mathletes and short order cooks among many other things.


Do you ever stop and think, what’s the bigger picture here? Is this crazy pace of life really serving my children or us holistically? What happened to learning actual life skills they’ll need one day or stopping to take a look at the world through more conscious eyes? Are we really setting them up for TRUE success and the desire to foster citizenship at an early age? Where’s the focus on EQ in addition to IQ?


welcome to the

Kidconscious Project


We believe conscientious kids will one day rule the world through empathy and mastery, EQ and IQ. We meet each month to learn the stuff in-between school and practice that should be a bigger headline in our daily routines. At KCP, we value hands-on engagement with our communities and larger world through fresh perspectives, open hearts and optimism. Kids will build on core skills, developing citizenship from the inside out and effectively helping others and their communities while creating a better sense of how they can help in the world.


our 3 focus areas

Self | Local | World

Every three months we choose a topic to develop a true growth mindset.
Each month is then dedicated to one of these three focuses within that topic.



Awareness &

Real Life Skills

We dig deep
learning subjects not taught in school which effect their lives and personal choices, including practical skills like body safety, digital citizenship, and how to save & spend money and core skills like confidence, empathy, optimism and growth mindset.

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outreach & Community

We give back

to our communities by identifying organizations that draw awareness to important community issues, helping the undeserved, and making a difference in our own backyard.

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Perspective &

We open up

the dialogue to global current events, challenge the easy response, respect the bigger picture and foster truly diverse empathy. We strive to normalize the uncomfortable, make difficult conversations easier and see the world through empathetic, conscientious eyes and open hearts.


“Our son's participation with the Kidconscious Project has broadened his perspective and understanding of the social issues in the world today. The program and activities are not only fun, they are designed to inspire young people to think critically about the world they live in and act with empathy and kindness. Our son is gaining more than just leadership skills—he is developing strong social connections and with his friends, cultivating a community of young leaders that will build a more positive and inclusive world.”


“My husband and I feel so lucky that our daughters have opportunities through the Kidconscious Project to learn about and engage with their community in a meaningful and age-appropriate way. The different events and workshops that we have attended have been thoughtfully organized and have helped to act as a catalyst for many family conversations about the world that we live in.”


 how to


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upcoming projects


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Upcoming Projects


FALL 2019 Series

Civic engagement


Englewood Community Garden

Kids will learn teamwork and help their community harvest locally grown vegetables.

September 8th 10:00-11:30am



Learn how to spend and save while balancing wants and needs.

September 24th 4:30-6:00pm

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Tales for Tails

This one-hour program provides kids, ages 6-12 years, with an educational, interactive experience reading to animals at Denver Dumb Friends League.

October 15th 4:30-5:30pm and 5:45-6:45pm


Civics with Mayor Hancock

Come hear the mayor speak about what it means to be a good citizen with a keynote address and time for a question and answer session.

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The perfect opportunity to practice etiquette, table manners, and confidence when speaking to adults.

October 19th 2:45-4:15


back to school

Mental well-being

What is mental well-being? In this summer series, we will explore the benefits of meditation, breathing, yoga and so much more. We’ll dive into the hard stuff like how to recognize anxiety, depression, and real-life struggles in our kids. Then we’ll learn about how to foster healthy relationships using these tools in their own spheres of influence!

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Leadership and friendships

EQ, Friendship and Leadership Skills for Boys and Girls (2nd-4th grade)

Three classes offered:

August 15, 3:30-5pm

Back to school for refugees

Back to School Supplies for Refugees

Help us meet our goal this summer of compiling 50 backpacks full of school supplies for refugee kids supported by Denver Health Foundation.

August 16th 3:30-5:00pm


Sports Mental Toughness and Positive Self-Talk

Led by Mental Conditioning "Ninja", coach Matthew Kitashima, this mental conditioning for sports sessions are for kids ages 9 and up who participate in any sport at any level.

August 25th 3:00-5:00pm


Past Project Highlights


Project Worthmore

What is a refugee? Where are they fleeing from? Why? How did they come to Denver? What’s it like to be a refugee? Our afternoon at Project Worthmore was incredibly enlightening. We heard from Walid, who fled Iraq with his family, and he taught us about what it’s like to be a refugee, and particularly in Denver. Together, we assembled 20 home essentials care packages for families they serve.



Digital Citizenship

During January, thirty 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders and their parents came together to learn what it means to be a digital citizen. Specific takeaways included:

Rules for Visiting Places Safely Online:

1. Always ask your parent (or teacher) first.
2. Only talk to people you know.
3. Stick to places that are just right for you.
4. Personal Information- discussed why not to give out name, birthday, address
5. Creating Usernames- students learned they should not be identifying information and did an exercise to create a safe one




Thirty kids and their parents participated in a two hour body safety awareness class where they learned how to protect themselves from stranger attacks, abuse and bullying by people they know.

Thank you for organizing the Kid Power workshop! My kids and I learned a lot that day. Not only did the instructors give us great information about staying safe, but they did it in a fun way. I especially liked how they had all of the kids practice the safety skills. I’m so glad we attended!
— Amy, Mom of Cece and Valle


Homeless Outreach

Throughout October, families shopped for non-perishables to stuff “Bags of Hope” for the homeless. In early November, over 50 kids and their parents heard from Family Promise about what it means to experience homelessness, who is homeless in Denver, and how kids and families can help. Together we assembled over 500 bags of hope which families took to distribute with their kids from their cars while driving around in Denver.

The Kidconscious homeless event helped to demystify homelessness for my boys. They loved making the bags of hope and feel happy when they hand them out. We even made more at home after we ran out of the first batch. Such a meaningful way to give back!
— Devin, mom of Jack and Shepherd


fire Safety At Home

During November and December, risk specialist Einar Jensen spoke with 40 kids and their parents in a home, taking kids through specific safety events and what they would need to do to protect themselves in case of an emergency. Kids learned all about fire safety, making a family escape plan, when and who to contact in various emergency situations, and a whole host of other safety scenarios. These kids and their families are now armed and ready with tools to help save themselves and their family in case of a home emergency.

Now I know what to do if there’s a fire. I close my door, open the window and hang something out the window so the firemen can find me. I also know how to escape if there’s a fire and where to meet my family outside.
— Gracie, age 6


The Season Of Giving

We committed to purchasing wish list gifts for 30 kids served by the Denver Rescue Mission in their effort to help save Christmas for these needing families.

Babies through teenagers received both special and utility items to help make Christmas just a little more special for them and their families.

Denver Rescue Mission “Help Save Christmas4 Kids”

Through the Kidconscious Project, my kids were able to experience true giving and spread joy in the holiday season with the Denver Rescue Mission. It was an opportunity to see and understand that not all children have the same advantages, be considerate of others, and learn how they can help in their community. An interactive experience that still resonates with my kids daily. Thank you, Kidconscious Project, for the platform to learn, grow and develop my children into better people.
— Jessica, Mom of Hank and Willa